Brazil x,y z: -18.36781,-51.22591 497 m America/Sao_Paulo Area

5:IBGE_GEOCODIGO: 5203admin_level: 5boundary: administrativename: Região Geográfica Intermediária de Rio Verdesource: IBGEtype: boundarywikidata: Q65168202wikipedia: pt:Região Geográfica Intermediária de Rio Verde

7:IBGE_GEOCODIGO: 520518admin_level: 7boundary: administrativename: Microrregião de Quirinópolissource: IBGEtype: boundary

8:IBGE_GEOCODIGO: 5204102admin_level: 8boundary: administrativename: Cachoeira Altapopulation: 8235source: IBGEtype: boundarywikidata: Q988874wikipedia: pt:Cachoeira Alta

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Brazil Geoparsing Example:(Travel blog excerpt from Touring Brazil on the Amazon River)