Rwanda x,y z: -1.94699,30.06413 1519 m Africa/Kigali

  1. 5 Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kigali RW
  2. 5 KN 27 Street, Kigali RW Area

6:admin-level: 6boundary: administrativeis-in: Kigali,Rwandaname: Gasabotype: boundarywikidata: Q2424659

Nyarugenge District, Kigali
KIGALI/Kigali 4757645501607

Map XML JSON POI Tags 0 metres awayaddr-city: Kigaliaddr-country: RWaddr-housenumber: 5addr-street: KN 27 Streetalt-name-de: Deutsche Botschaftalt-name-en: German Embassyalt-name-fr: Ambassade d'Allemagneamenity: embassycountry: DEdiplomatic: embassyembassy: yesname: Ambassade de la République fédérale d'Allemagnename-de: Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschlandname-en: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germanynote: EMERGENCY NO: +250 788 301491office: diplomaticopening-hours: Mo-Th 09:00-11:00phone: +250 280 575141;+250 280 575222target: RWwebsite: Q60165363

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