Peru x,y z: -12.03543,-77.05854 m America/Lima

  1. 51 hecho realidad, San Juan de Lurigancho 07006 Area

6:ISO3166_2: PE-LMAadmin_level: 6boundary: administrativeis_in_country: Peruname_ru: ะ›ะธะผะฐname_uk: ะ›ั–ะผะฐname: Limape_ubigeo: 1501population: 7605742source: www.minam.gob.petype: boundarywikidata: Q579240wikipedia_en: Lima Provincewikipedia: es:Provincia de Lima

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativeheritage_operator: whcheritage: 1is_in_iso_3166_2: PE-LMAname: Limape_ubigeo: 150101population: 83349source: www.minam.gob.petype: boundarywhc_inscription_date: 1988wikidata: Q3031413wikipedia_en: Lima Districtwikipedia: es:Distrito de Lima

Lima, Lima region
POLIGONOPE/Poligono 664332243011



Peru Points of Interest : Near -12.03543,-77.05854
Instituciรณn educativa inicial Santa Isabel De Las Americas is 0.354 km awayaddr_district: Limaaddr_full: Jiron Diego De La Torre 1330addr_province: Limaaddr_subdistrict: Lima Cercadoamenity: kindergartenele: 156isced_level: 0name: Instituciรณn educativa inicial Santa Isabel De Las Americasnote: Ubicacion_web_med (local)ref: 1049832source: minedu.gob.peOther nearby points of interest:
  1. Instituciรณn educativa inicial No. 1161
  2. Instituciรณn educativa inicial Santa Isabel De Las Americas
  3. Instituciรณn Educativa No. 1161
  4. Santa Rosa
  5. Instituciรณn Educativa Santa Isabel De Las Americas

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