South Africa x,y z: -33.91542,18.55117 24 m Africa/Johannesburg

  1. 12 Waterberry, Goodwood City of Cape Town
  2. 12 Waterberry Drive, Goodwood City of Cape Town
  3. 10 WATERBERRY, Goodwood City of Cape Town
  4. 10 WATERBERRY Drive, Goodwood City of Cape Town Area

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativecommon_name: Cape Townland_area: administrativename_de: Kapstadtname_lt: Keiptauno miestasname: City of Cape Townref: CPTtype: boundarywikidata: Q1185115wikipedia: en:City of Cape Town

10:admin_level: 10boundary: administrativename: Cape Town Ward 30ref: 19100030type: boundary

12:OGR_FID: 1104dc_mdb_c: CPTdc_mn_c: 199dc_name: City of Cape Townmn_code: 199mn_mdb_c: CPTmn_name: City of Cape Townmn_type: METROmp_code: 199024mp_name: Goodwoodname: Ruyterwachtobjectid: 1018shape_area: 0.00013786533shape_leng: 0.05277069007sp_code: 100000000sp_name: Ruyterwacht

City of Cape Town, Western Cape
EPPINGZA/Epping 3396614008724


South Africa Points of Interest : Near -33.91542,18.55117
McDonald's is 0.356 km awayaddr_city: Cape Townaddr_housenumber: 108addr_postcode: 7500addr_street: Voortrekker Roadamenity: fast_foodbrand: McDonald'sbrand_wikidata: Q38076brand_wikipedia: en:McDonald'scuisine: burgerdrive_through: yesname: McDonald'sopening_hours: Mo-Su 06:00-23:00phone: +2721 592 4463takeaway: yesOther nearby points of interest:
  1. Goodwood City Hall
  2. Goodwood Library
  3. Goodwood Supermarket & Fisheries
  4. Shoprite
  5. Caltex
  6. KFC
  7. Caltex
  8. Goodwood Presbyterian Church
  9. Goodwood Presbyterian Church
  10. McDonald's
  11. ABSA
  13. St Joseph's Cath. Church
  14. Premier Clothing Factory Shop
  15. Pop Up Tyres

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South Africa Geoparsing Example:(Book excerpt from Cetywayo and his White Neighbours, H. Rider Haggard )