Philippines x,y z: 10.29775,123.89851 m Asia/Manila

  1. Pelaez Street, Cebu City PH Area

2.5:admin_level: 2.5boundary: administrativename: Visayastype: boundarywikidata: Q211436wikipedia: en:Visayas

Province of Cebu, Central Visayas
Geocode: CEB-QYSIV
CEBUVIEW/Cebuview Tourist Inn 5127558135149


Philippines Points of Interest : Near 10.29775,123.89851
Hotel Sogo is 52 metres awayaddr_city: Cebu Cityaddr_housenumber: 197addr_postcode: 6000addr_street: Sanciangko Streetamenity: love_hotelbranch: Cebubuilding: hotelbuilding_levels: 5height: 17internet_access: wlanname: Hotel Sogoopening_hours: 24/7phone: +63 32 416 8055tourism: hotelwebsite: https://www.hotelsogo.comOther nearby points of interest:
  1. Takeraโ€™s Convenience Store
  2. Our Place
  3. Hotel Sogo
  4. Exquisite Pawnshop and Jewelry
  5. The Boss Disco & Bikini Bar
  6. Mr.J Restobar
  7. Takuza Disco & Bikini Bar

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