China x,y z: 22.18922,113.55132 20 m Asia/Shanghai

  1. 258 宋玉生廣場 Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção, 澳門 CN 853 Area

5:admin_level: 5boundary: administrativename_ar: ماكاوname_de: Concelho de Macauname_en: Municipality of Macauname_eo: Makaoname_es: Macaoname_fa: ماکائوname_fr: Municipalité de Macaoname_hu: Makaóname_it: Consiglio di Macaoname_ja: 澳門市name_ko: 마카오 시name_lzh: 澳門name_nl: Macauname_pl: Makauname_pt: Macauname_ru: Макаоname_sk: Macaoname_ur: مکاؤname_vi: Ma Caoname_zh_Hans: 澳门name_zh_Hant: 澳門name_zh: 澳門市name_zh_pinyin: Àomén-shìname: 澳門 Macauofficial_name_ar: بلدية ماكاوofficial_name_ur: بلدیہ مکاؤtype: boundarywikidata: Q841086wikipedia: pt:Concelho de Macau

6:admin_level: 6alt_name: 香洲;Xiangzhouboundary: administrativechina_class: countyname_en: Xiangzhou Districtname_zh: 香洲区name: 香洲区type: boundarywikidata: Q1338790wikipedia: zh:香洲区

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