New York United States of America x,y z: 40.59870,-74.08230 m America/New_York

  1. 1177 HYLAN BLVD, Staten Island NY 11385 Area

5:admin_level: 5alt_name_cs: Nový Yorkalt_name: New York Cityborder_type: cityboundary: administrativename_be_tarask: Нью-Ёркname_be: Нью-Ёркname_ca: Nova Yorkname_cs: New Yorkname_el: Νέα Υόρκηname_es: Nueva Yorkname_fa: نیویورکname_is: Nýja Jórvíkname_mi: Niu Iakaname_pl: Nowy Jorkname_ru: Нью-Йоркname_ta: நியூ யோர்க்name_zh: 纽约name: New Yorkplace: cityshort_name: NYCtype: boundarywikidata: Q60wikipedia: en:New York City

6:admin_level: 6alt_name: Staten Islandboundary: administrativeis_in_country: USAis_in_country_code: USis_in_state: New Yorkis_in_state_code: NYname: Richmond Countynist_fips_code: 36085nist_state_fips: 36type: boundarywikidata: Q18432wikipedia: en:Staten Island

7:admin_level: 7boundary: administrativename_en: Staten Islandname_ru: Статен-Айлендname: Staten Islandplace: suburbtype: boundarywikidata: Q18432

Richmond County, New York
OLDTOWNST/Old Town Station 2222232010724



United States of America Points of Interest : Near 40.59870,-74.08230
Met is 0 metres awayname: Metshop: supermarketOther nearby points of interest:

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