Pennsylvania United States of America x,y z: 39.8696654545455,-78.4513127272727 m America/New_York

  1. 7000 Chaneysville Rd, CLEARVILLE PA 15535 Area

6:admin_level: 6attribution: USGS 2001 County Boundaryauthoritative: yesboundary: administrativeis_in_country: USAis_in_country_code: USis_in_iso_3166_2: US:PAis_in_state: Pennsylvaniais_in_state_code: PAis_in: USA, Pennsylvanianame: Bedford Countynist_fips_code: 42009nist_state_fips: 42population: 48586type: boundarywikidata: Q494174wikipedia: en:Bedford County, Pennsylvania

8:admin_level: 8border_type: townshipboundary: administrativename: Monroe Townshiptype: boundarywikidata: Q1894712wikipedia: en:Monroe Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

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