Cameroon x,y z: 3.86567,11.51978 m Africa/Douala

  1. 212 Rue Marie Goker, yaounde CM 1561 Area

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativename: Mfoundiref_COG: CE01source: Institut National de Cartographietype: boundarywikidata: Q2445046wikipedia: fr:Mfoundi

7:admin_level: 7alt_name: Yaoundรฉboundary: administrativelocal_authority_CMR: Communautรฉ urbainename: Communautรฉ urbaine de Yaoundรฉref_COG: CE0100short_name: CUYsource: Institut National de Cartographietype: boundarywikidata: Q3808wikipedia: fr:Yaoundรฉ

8:admin_level: 8alt_name: Yaoundรฉ 1boundary: administrativename: Yaoundรฉ Ipopulation: 2440462ref_COG: CE0101source: Institut National de Cartographietype: boundary

10:admin_level: 10boundary: administrativename: Centre Commercialtype: boundary

Mfoundi, Centre
Geocode: YAO-SYWAF
MFOUNDI/Mfoundi 3329265268477



Cameroon Points of Interest : Near 3.86567,11.51978
NZIKO is 0 metres awaybuilding: yesname: NZIKOshop: supermarketsource: PFE(IT3) ENSTP Yaoundรฉ - 2010Other nearby points of interest:

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