Portugal x,y z: 40.63370,-7.90870 m Europe/Lisbon

  1. 231 Ed. Finiclasse E.N, Viseu Centro 3500 63

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6:ISO3166_2: PT-18admin_level: 6border_type: distritoboundary: administrativeine_code: 18name_en: Viseuname_fr: Viseuname_pt: Viseuname: Viseuofficial_name_en: Viseu Districtofficial_name_fr: District de Viseuofficial_name_pt: Distrito de Viseuofficial_name: Distrito de Viseupopulation_date: 2011population: 377653source: DGT - CAOP 2014start_date: 1835type: boundarywikidata: Q273525wikipedia: pt:Distrito de Viseu

7:admin_level: 7border_type: municรญpioboundary: administrativeine_code: 1823name: Viseuofficial_name: Municรญpio de Viseupopulation_date: 2011population: 99274source: DGT - CAOP 2014start_date: 1123type: boundarywebsite: https://www.cm-viseu.pt/wikidata: Q117676wikipedia: pt:Viseu

8:admin_level: 8border_type: freguesiaboundary: administrativename: Ranhadossource: DGT - CAOP 2012type: boundarywikidata: Q168284

Viseu, Viseu
CABANOES/Cabanoes de Baixo 3177237145602



Portugal Points of Interest : Near 40.63370,-7.90870
Mercedes-Benz is 0 metres awaybrand: Mercedes-Benzbrand_wikidata: Q36008brand_wikipedia: en:Mercedes-Benzbuilding: yesname: Mercedes-Benzshop: carOther nearby points of interest:

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