California United States of America x,y z: 33.90069,-117.51747 m America/Los_Angeles

  1. 2639 LAS MERCEDES LN, CORONA CA 92879 Area

6:admin_level: 6alt_name: Riversideattribution: CASIL cnty24k09_1_poly.shpboundary: administrativecounty_abbrev: RIVcounty_ansi: 065county_name: Riversidename_vi: Quáş­n Riversidename: Riverside Countynist_fips_code: 6065nist_state_fips: 6type: boundarywikidata: Q108111wikipedia: en:Riverside County, California

Riverside County, California
ROCKVISTA/Rock Vista Park 2094206198166

Map XML JSON POI Tags 0.789 km awayamenity: schoolele: 248gnis_county_id: 065gnis_created: 06/25/1999gnis_feature_id: 1844731gnis_state_id: 06name: Promenade Elementary School

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