South Africa x,y z: -33.91080,18.55100 m Africa/Johannesburg

  1. 24 MC DONALD, Goodwood City of Cape Town
  2. 24 MC DONALD Street, Goodwood City of Cape Town Area

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativecommon_name: Cape Townland_area: administrativename_de: Kapstadtname_lt: Keiptauno miestasname: City of Cape Townref: CPTtype: boundarywikidata: Q1185115wikipedia: en:City of Cape Town

10:admin_level: 10boundary: administrativename: Cape Town Ward 27ref: 19100027type: boundary

12:OGR_FID: 1099dc_mdb_c: CPTdc_mn_c: 199dc_name: City of Cape Townmn_code: 199mn_mdb_c: CPTmn_name: City of Cape Townmn_type: METROmp_code: 199024mp_name: Goodwoodname: Goodwood Estateobjectid: 1013shape_area: 0.00016377776shape_leng: 0.06325412725sp_code: 100000000sp_name: Goodwood Estate

City of Cape Town, Western Cape
ELSIELSI/Elsieskraalrivier 3396614007406



South Africa Points of Interest : Near -33.91080,18.55100
Goodwood Presbyterian Church is 0 metres awayaddr_street: Mcdonald Streetamenity: place_of_worshipbuilding: churchdenomination: presbyterianname: Goodwood Presbyterian Churchreligion: christianOther nearby points of interest:

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