Andorra x,y z: 42.47967,1.48909 m Europe/Andorra

  1. 1 BAR RESTAURANT MARGINEDA, Sant Julià de Lòria Sant Julià de Lòria AD500 Area

6:ISO3166_2: ES-Ladmin_level: 6boundary: administrativeine_provincia: 25is_in_continent: Europeis_in_country: Spainis_in_country_code: ESis_in_region: Catalunyais_in_region_code: 09is_in: Europe, Spain, Cataluñaname_an: Leidaname_ar: لاردةname_be: Лерыдаname_ca: Lleidaname_el: Λέριδαname_es: Léridaname_eu: Lleidaname_ext: Lérianame_fa: لریداname_fr: Léridaname_id: Leridaname_ja: リェイダname_ko: 레리다name_la: Ilerdaname_lt: Leridaname_lv: Leridaname_nl: Leridaname_oc: Lhèidaname_pt: Léridaname_ru: Леридаname_sr: Љеидаname_uk: Льєйдаname_vi: Léridaname_zh: 莱里达name: Lleidanote: Comarcas not fully within the province: Berguedà, Cerdanyaofficial_name_be: Правінцыя Лерыдаsource: BDLL25, EGRN, Instituto Geográfico Nacionaltype: boundarywebsite: Q13904wikipedia: ca:Província de Lleida

7:ISO3166_2: AD-06admin_level: 7boundary: administrativename_be_tarask: Сант Жулія дэ Лёрыяname_be: Сант-Жулія-дэ-Лорыяname_el: Σαντ Ζουλιά ντε Λόριαname_ru: Сант-Жулия-де-Лорияname: Sant Julià de Lòriapostal_code: AD600ref: 6type: boundarywikidata: Q24282wikipedia: ca:Sant Julià de Lòria

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativeidee_name: Valls de Valira (Les)ine_municipio: 25239is_in_comarca: Alt Urgellis_in_comarca_code: 04is_in_continent: Europeis_in_country: Spainis_in_country_code: ESis_in_province: Lleidais_in_province_code: 25is_in_region: Catalunyais_in_region_code: 09is_in__mbit: Alt Pirineu i Aranis_in__mbit_code: 07is_in: Europe, Spain, Catalunya, Lleida, Alt Pirineu i Aran, Alt Urgellname_ca: les Valls de Valiraname_ru: Лес-Вальс-де-Валираname: les Valls de Valirapopulation_date: 2009population: 826sorting_name: Valls de Valira, lessource: BDLL25, EGRN, Instituto Geográfico Nacionaltype: boundarywikidata: Q942294wikipedia: ca:Les Valls de Valira

Andorra la Vella
TOSSAL/Tossal Gran 3160902920884


Andorra Points of Interest : Near 42.47967,1.48909
Margineda is 23 metres awayaddr_street: carretera General 1amenity: barcuisine: localinternet_access: wlanname: Marginedaopening_hours: Mo-Sa 07:00-00:00phone: +376842364Other nearby points of interest:
  1. Margineda

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