Spain x,y z: 43.55113,-7.44422 101 m Europe/Madrid

  1. 27 RU XISTRAL, O Valadouro Galicia 27777
  2. 27 RU XISTRAL, Santo Tome De Recare (Santo Tome) ES 27777
  3. 27 XISTRAL, Burela de Cabo ES
  4. 27 RU XISTRAL, Burela de Cabo ES 27777
  5. 27 Xistral, Budiรกn ES Area

6:ISO3166_2: ES-LUaddr_country: ESadmin_level: 6boundary: administrativeine_provincia: 27is_in_continent: Europeis_in_country: Spainis_in_country_code: ESis_in_region: Galiciais_in_region_code: 12is_in: Europe;Spain;Galicianame_be: ะ›ัƒะณะฐname_ca: Lugoname_pt: Lugoname_ru: ะ›ัƒะณะพname: Lugoofficial_name_be: ะŸั€ะฐะฒั–ะฝั†ั‹ั ะ›ัƒะณะฐofficial_name_pt: Provรญncia de Lugoofficial_name: Provincia de Lugosource: BDLL25, EGRN, Instituto Geogrรกfico Nacionaltype: boundarywikidata: Q95027wikipedia: gl:Lugo

7:admin_level: 7boundary: administrativename_es: Mariรฑa Centralname_gl: A Mariรฑa Centralname: A Mariรฑa Centralofficial_name: Comarca da Mariรฑa Centralplace: countytype: boundarywikidata: Q459224wikipedia_es: La Mariรฑa Centralwikipedia_gl: Comarca da Mariรฑa Centralwikipedia: gl:Comarca da Mariรฑa Central

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativeidee_name: Valadouro (O)ine_municipio: 27063is_in_country: Spainis_in_province: Lugois_in_region: Galiciais_in: Lugo, Galicia, Spainname: O Valadouropopulation_date: 2009population: 2185source: BDLL25, EGRN, Instituto Geogrรกfico Nacionaltype: boundarywikidata: Q1605462wikipedia: gl:O Valadouro

Provincia de Lugo, Galicia
FERREIRAF/Ferreira 3144650439465


Spain Points of Interest: Nearby
BBVA is 117 metres awayamenity: bankatm: yesatm_network: Serviredatm_operator: BBVAis_in_country: Spainname: BBVAoperator: BBVAsource: local_knowledgeOther nearby points of interest:
  1. BBVA
  2. Isabel
  3. Dia Market
  4. Carlos Acevedo Alonso
  5. Santander
  6. Casa da Cultura
  7. Feirรณn
  8. Casa do Concello
  9. Oficina de Correos
  10. Novo
  11. Cuartel da Garda Civil
  12. C.E.I.P. Santa Mยช do Valadouro
  13. Centro de Saรบde de Ferreira

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