Ireland x,y z: 53.40957,-6.21427 46 m Europe/Dublin

  1. Clonshaugh Road, Swords IE
  2. 4 The Sycamores, Dublin IE 17
  3. 4 Clonshaugh Woods, Dublin IE 17 Area

6:ISO3166-2: IE-Dadmin-level: 6boundary: administrativeis-in-country: Irelandis-in-country-code: IElogainm-ref: 100002logainm-url: County Dublinname-ga: Contae Átha Cliathname-ko: 더블린name-ru: Дублинname: County Dublinplace: countysource: GNStype: boundarywikidata: Q173500wikipedia: en:County Dublin

7:admin-level: 7alt-name-ga: Duibhlinnalt-name: Dublin Cityboundary: administrativename-en: Dublinname-fr: Dublinname-ga: Baile Átha Cliathname-mi: Tapurininame-pl: Dublinname-sr: Даблинname: Dublinplace: citytype: boundarywikidata: Q1761wikipedia: ga:Baile Átha Cliath

9:admin-level: 9alt-name: Priorswood A Electoral Divisionalt-name-1: Priorswood A DEDalt-name-2: Priorswood A Wardboundary: administrativename: Priorswood A EDtype: boundary

10:admin-level: 10boundary: administrativelocality: townlandname: Clonshaugh (E.D. Coolock)place: localitytype: boundary

Fingal County, Leinster
NDSIE/Woodlands 3150766150825

Map XML JSON POI Tags 1.119 km awayaddr-city: Dublin 17addr-street: Glin Roadamenity: social_facilityname: Brookhaven Centresocial-facility-for: drug_addicted

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