United Kingdom x,y z: 53.69100,-1.58730 m Europe/London

  1. 168 DEWSBURY ROAD, OSSETT England WF5 9PL

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5:admin_level: 5boundary: administrativeis_in_country: UKname_en: Yorkshire and the Humbername_he: יורקשייר והאמברname_ru: Йоркшир и Хамберname_uk: Йоркшир і Гамберname: Yorkshire and the Humberref_nuts_1: UKEsource: OS_OpenData_BoundaryLinetype: boundarywikidata: Q48063wikipedia: de:Yorkshire and the Humber

8:ISO3166_2: GB-WKFadmin_level: 8boundary: administrativecouncil_name: Wakefield Councilcouncil_style: citydesignation: metropolitan_districtname_ar: ويكفيلدname_fa: ویکفیلدname_ur: ویکفیلڈname: Wakefieldons_code: 00DBref_gss: E08000036source_ons_code: OS_OpenData_CodePoint Codelist.txttype: boundarywebsite: https://www.wakefield.gov.uk/wikidata: Q763171wikipedia: en:City of Wakefield

City and Borough of Leeds, England
EHWK/West Yorkshire 3154266605057
Geoalias: EHWK-XPROJ


United Kingdom Points of Interest : Near 53.69100,-1.58730
Fun 4 Tots is 0 metres awayaddr_housenumber: 168addr_postcode: WF5 9PLaddr_street: Dewsbury Roadaddr_town: Ossettamenity: kindergartenname: Fun 4 TotsOther nearby points of interest:

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