China x,y z: 46.6278,122.3685 375 m Asia/Shanghai Area

5:admin_level: 5alt_name: 兴安盟;Hinggan;Хянганboundary: administrativedivision_code: 152200is_in_region: Inner Mongolia,Chinaname_en: Hinggan Leaguename_ja: ヒンガン盟name_mn: Хянган аймагname_zh: 兴安盟name_zh_pinyin: Xīng'ān Méngname: Хянган 兴安盟place: leaguetimezone: Asia/Shanghaitype: boundarywikidata: Q1619433wikipedia: zh:兴安盟

6:admin_level: 6alt_name: 扎赉特;Jalaid;Жалайдboundary: administrativedivision_code: 152223name_en: Jalaid Bannername_mn: Жалайд хошууname_ru: Джалайд-Циname_zh_pinyin: Zālàitè Qíname: 扎赉特旗place: bannertype: boundarywikidata: Q1025025wikipedia: zh:扎赉特旗

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativedivision_code: 152223103000name_ru: Хуэрлэname_zh: 胡尔勒镇name_zh_pinyin: hú ěr lè zhènname: 胡尔勒镇source: www.bigemap.comtype: boundary

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China Geoparsing Example:(News excerpt from Liqian: The Chinese town founded by Roman legionnaires)