Play a Geoparsing Game - Earn Credits!

How it works:
  • You read a short book excerpt which may or may not mention a specific location.
  • You answer "Yes" if the place name refers to a location, "No" if it does not, "Not sure" if you are not sure.
  • If the majority of other players agree with you on this one, you earn credits. Otherwise you lose.
  • The amount of credits you win (or lose) is determined by the game's blockchain. It uses the history of all players to determine the value of your response. Some responses are worth more than others (e.g., responses to questions where many players are not sure).
  • The cummulative credits you have won are shown at the bottom left corner of the page. You may redeem them toward geocoding credits on Just type the email address of the account you want to have the credits sent to (if the email address does not have an account, they will be asked to create one).
  • The monetary value of credits is explained at our pricing page.
When can you redeem game credits for credits?
  • The blockchain awards you "redeemable" credits once your responses have been verified by a certain number of players. That number depends on the total number of players and their responses.
Why do we do this?
  • To get human verified data for improving the quality of the geoparser.
Why should you do this?
  • Books are the physical world's diary. If reading is a muscle and geographic knowledge is stamina, this is the gym.
Where do we get our excerpts from?

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Is this excerpt from A Popular History of Ireland by Thomas D'Arcy McGee, about Gloucester United Kingdom?

She was, in her day, the loveliest woman of Cambria, and perhaps of Britain, but the fabled mantle of Tregau, which, according to her own mythology, will fit none but the chaste, had not rested on the white shoulders of Nesta, the daughter of Rhys ap Tudor. Her girlish beauty had attracted the notice of Henry I., to whom she bore Robert Fitz-Roy and Henry Fitz-Henry, the former the famous Earl of Gloucester, and the latter the father of two of Strongbow's most noted companions. Afterwards, by consent of her royal paramour, she married Gerald,

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