Nepal x,y z: 27.7738,84.8004 936 m Asia/Kathmandu Area

5:ISO3166_2: NP-NAadmin_level: 5boundary: administrativeint_name: Narayaniname_de: Narayaniname_en: Narayaniname_ja: ナラヤニname_ne: नारायणी अञ्चलname_pl: Narayaniname_ru: Нараяниname_zh: 纳拉亚尼专区name: नारायणी अञ्चलtype: boundarywikidata: Q9183wikipedia: en:Narayani Zone

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativeint_name: Dhadingname_de: Dhadingname_en: Dhadingname_ja: ダーディンname_ne: धादिङname_pl: Dhadingname: धादिङtype: boundarywikidata: Q28454wikipedia: ne:धादिङ जिल्ला

7:admin_level: 7boundary: administrativename_suffix_en: Rural Municipalityname_suffix: Gaunpalikaname: Benighat Rorangtype: boundary

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativename: Benighattype: boundary

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