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  • Throttled API access is free for non-for-profit uses having a positive social impact (Sign-up/whitelisting required). For all other free users the Rate limit is up to 1 API call per second. (See API limits)

  • API Pricing for pay-per-use access is 0.0025 USD per credit. Rate limit: up to 10 api requests per second. LOG IN to buy credits (1 credit = 1 API Call).

  • Unlimited credits API1 Access Monthly Subscription: 200 USD per month. Rate limit: up to 10 api requests per second (You may increase the rate limits with multiples of 10 by ordering additional subscriptions - i.e. 10x2 for 2 subscriptions, 10x3, .. and so on). LOG IN to subscribe. (You may cancel at any time). This option gives the most flexibility and makes it possible to set higher rate limits than 10 per second.

  • Unlimited & Unthrottled Geocode Server on AWS with standard AWS licensing costs. Run this software on your own server. (You may scale the API up within the limitations of the type of server you launch, and/or the number of servers). There are no software bound limitations with this option.

  • Custom features - We provide customized solutions with pre-determined Service Level Agreements on a case by case basis. Contact us.
1Unlimited Access means that your credits will never run out. It does not mean you can make an unlimited amount of calls to the API within a specified time frame. (Although we have a lot of computing capacity, it is not unlimited) For example, usage frequency above 10 requests per second per API key may be considered a denial of service attack. Use with care. is an Affordable, Accurate Worldwide geocoding and geoparsing API with no usage restrictions.

Compare Geocoding Providers Google Here
Free requests Yes (throttled @ 1req/second) 1,300 / day
Pay as you go $2.5 per 1,000 requests $5 per 1,000 requests
Unlimited Plan USD200 / month
AWS Marketplace Server Option
No Contracts
No Usage Restrictions
Bulk Geocoding
Reverse Geocoding
Freeform text Geoparsing
Worldwide post code lookups
Worldwide IP Address lookups
Custom features at no cost (on a case-by-case basis, Contact us) - -
How to compare the accuracy of with Google Maps and other providers: There is no independently accepted metric for comparing the accuracy of various geocoders. In theory, you need what is called "ground truth", i.e. verified locations with latitude,longitude. Then you can compare the verified location vs the one returned by a geocoding service.

In the absence of such a comparison tool, you can check locations you are familiar with on, Google maps, etc; then compare the results. We have seen such comparisons provided by our clients, but we can not comment as we are obviously biased.

We can however provide concrete examples from clients who use our service to geocode locations that can not be found with Google Maps. Here is one example: 415 C'WEALTH AVE WEST Singapore. As of the time of writing you can not find it on Google Maps. (Addendum: April-9-2019 GM has now fixed the above mentioned case. They still miss many of our examples: however.)

Generally would work well on messy input due to its geoparsing engine - which is absent on the competitors we have evaluated.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Our servers are on the AWS cloud with redundancy and failover, so we provide uptime guarantees for paying customers. Free users may be throttled at various usage loads (1 request per second is an universal limit on the free port, applicable to all free users combined).

If AWS goes down (as it has in the past) pretty much half of the internet goes down with it. Now that the AWS cloud has matured to the stage it is at, that possibility is very unlikely. We also have reduntant server clusters in geographically distinct AWS regions to further guard against that possibility. (Redundancy is guaranteed to paying users only).

Our API ports have had over 99.98% uptime according to independent monitoring. Follow us on twitter for updates.

What our clients are saying.
	Date: March 19, 2021 at 9:53:34 AM EDT

Dear team,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for creating such a useful tool. 
I have a list of unstructured and messy Indian addresses that is not possible to clean automatically 
and I was so surprised to find out how precisely the could identify the geo coordinates 
despite spelling errors, and some unnecessary information like Floor number in the address line. 

I tried before Openstreetmap and it could only give me the geocode of the postcodes at most. 
I read that you first geoparse the address and identify only the necessary information and then extract the coordinates 
but I still was wondering how do you do that? 

And why using Google Maps for batch geocoding cannot identify the coordinates for the same messy address, whereas can.

Sometimes, the geocodes could identify precisely the name of the firm! 
It's fascinating and I would highly recommend using your service, 
especially for economic research in developing countries where micro-level data are not of good quality.

                        Alina Mulyukova
			Kiel Institute for the World Economy
                        Kiellinie 66 | 24105 Kiel, Germany

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Geoparse and Geocode the World.

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