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Geocode places to latitude, longitude, elevation.

Geocode latitude, longitude to places, elevation.

Worldwide geocoding and geoparsing API. Accurate, Affordable.

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This API provides worldwide forward/reverse geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsing.
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Geoparsing and Geocoding and Batch Geocoding Examples

Forward and Reverse Geocoding
  1. Museumplein, Amsterdam
  2. 2 Colomines, Barcelona, ES
  3. Antoine Dansaertstraat, Brussels
  4. Karlsplatz, Vienna
  5. Nyhavn, Copenhagen
  6. 55.6802779000,12.5900501000
  7. B72 1JU

Geoparsing Long Feeds.

Geoparse & Geocode .

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