Argentina x,y z: -34.66660,-58.49080 21 m America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires

  1. 2984 LEGUIZAMON, MARTINIANO, Villa Lugano AR Area

8:ISO3166_2: AR-Cadmin_level: 8alt_name: Capital Federalboundary: administrativeis_in_continent: South Americais_in_country: Argentinais_in_country_code: ARname_en: Autonomous City of Buenos Airesname_eo: Bonaeroname_ja: ブエノスアイレスname_ko: 부에노스아이레스name_ml: ബ്യൂണസ് ഐറീസ്name_mr: बुएनोस आइरेसname_my: ဗျူနိုအေးရိစ်မြို့name_ru: Буэнос-Айресname_ta: புவெனஸ் ஐரிஸ்name_th: บัวโนสไอเรสname_zh: 布宜诺斯艾利斯name: Buenos Airesofficial_name: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Airespopulation_date: 2010population: 2891082short_name: CABAstart_date: 1536type: boundarywebsite: Q1486wikipedia: es:Buenos Aires

9:admin_level: 9boundary: administrativename: Mataderostype: boundarywikidata: Q1301660wikipedia: es:Mataderos (Buenos Aires)

10:admin_level: 10boundary: administrativename: Comuna 9type: boundarywikidata: Q17499403wikipedia: es:Comuna 9 (Ciudad de Buenos Aires)

Comuna 8, Buenos Aires F.D.
CALAZAAR/Calaza 3764281464110

Map XML JSON POI Tags 26 metres awayaddr_postcode: 1439amenity: kindergartenemail: [email protected]isced_level: 0name: Primera Infancia Centro Comunitario Convivenoperator_type: publicphone: 4343-5591 INT 601/5ref_cue: 020245804ref_cui: 0200937source: Data CABA

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