Bosnia and Herzegovina x,y z: 44.20155,17.91429 m Europe/Sarajevo

  1. 1 Bulevar Kulina Bana, Zenica BA Area

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativename_bs: Grad Zenicaname_en: City of Zenicaname_fr: Ville de Zenicaname_hr: Grad Zenicaname_ru: ะ—ะตะฝะธั†ะฐname: Grad Zenicanote: Molimo ne brisati relacije - za ureฤ‘ivanje posjetiti: Zenicasource: combination of data from 1991 census & data after the war, for complete imagetype: boundary

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Geoparse and Geocode Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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