Antigua and Barbuda x,y z: 17.06326,-61.88164 m America/Antigua

  1. 100 Valley Road, Bolans AG Area

6:ISO3166_2: AG-05admin_level: 6admin_type_AG: parishboundary: administrativename_en: Saint Maryname_fr: Saint-Maryname: Saint Marytype: boundarywikidata: Q1999872wikipedia: en:Saint Mary Parish, Antigua and Barbuda

Saint Mary
Geocode: ALL-EQLIH
COCKS/Cocks Hill 2261800259011


Antigua and Barbuda Points of Interest : Near 17.06326,-61.88164
Bolans Church is 0.512 km awayaddr_city: Bolansaddr_street: Valley Roadamenity: place_of_worshipbuilding: yesname: Bolans Churchreligion: christiansource: KG Ground Survey 2015Other nearby points of interest:
  1. Grand Princes
  2. Budget Marine
  3. Fort Smoke Kโ€™s
  4. The Crow's Nest
  5. Epicurean Jolly Beach (2nd store)
  6. Mamma Mia
  7. Westpoint
  8. Akropolis Greek Taverna
  9. Lydia's Carribbean Seafood Restaurant
  10. Melini's
  11. Mayday
  12. Bolans Church
  13. Petal's

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