Virgin Islands, US x,y z: 18.33633,-64.91101 m America/St_Thomas

  1. Weymouth Rhymer Highway, Charlotte Amalie VI Area

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativeis_in_country: United Statesis_in_state: Virgin Islands of the United Statesname: Saint Thomas - Saint John Districtplace: countytype: boundarywikidata: Q20851010

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativeis_in_country: USA;U.S. Virgin Islandsis_in_country_code: VIis_in_state: U.S. Virgin Islandsis_in_state_code: VIis_in: USA, U.S. Virgin Islandsname: Charlotte Amalie Eastplace: localitysource: TIGER/Lineยฎ 2008 Place Shapefiles ( U2tiger_CPI: Ntiger_FUNCSTAT: Stiger_LSAD: 57tiger_MTFCC: G4210tiger_NAME: Charlotte Amalie Easttiger_NAMELSAD: Charlotte Amalie East CDPtiger_PCICBSA: Ntiger_PCINECTA: Ntiger_PLACEFP: 18100tiger_PLACENS: 02414007tiger_PLCIDFP: 7818100tiger_STATEFP: 78type: boundarywikidata: Q51681wikipedia: en:Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands

Southside, Saint Thomas Island
RAPHUNE/Raphune 2205720187233



Virgin Islands, US Points of Interest : Near 18.33633,-64.91101
McDonald's is 0.510 km awayamenity: fast_foodbrand: McDonald'sbrand_wikidata: Q38076brand_wikipedia: en:McDonald'sbuilding: yescuisine: burgername: McDonald'sOther nearby points of interest:
  1. Lockhart Gardens Shopping Center
  2. Wheatley Center II
  3. McDonald's
  4. The Fruit Bowl
  5. Wheatley Center
  6. Kmart
  7. Doctor's Choice Pharmacy
  8. Banco Popular
  9. Cost U Less
  10. Caribbean Cinemas
  11. The Home Depot

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