Virgin Islands, US x,y z: 18.33755,-64.94859 m America/St_Thomas

  1. Veterans Drive, Charlotte Amalie VI Area

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativeis_in_country: United Statesis_in_state: Virgin Islands of the United Statesname: Saint Thomas - Saint John Districtplace: countytype: boundarywikidata: Q20851010

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativeis_in_country: USA;U.S. Virgin Islandsis_in_country_code: VIis_in_state: U.S. Virgin Islandsis_in_state_code: VIis_in: USA, U.S. Virgin Islandsname: Charlotte Amalie Westplace: localitysource: TIGER/Lineยฎ 2008 Place Shapefiles ( U2tiger_CPI: Ntiger_FUNCSTAT: Stiger_LSAD: 57tiger_MTFCC: G4210tiger_NAME: Charlotte Amalie Westtiger_NAMELSAD: Charlotte Amalie West CDPtiger_PCICBSA: Ntiger_PCINECTA: Ntiger_PLACEFP: 19000tiger_PLACENS: 02414008tiger_PLCIDFP: 7819000tiger_STATEFP: 78type: boundarywikidata: Q51681wikipedia: en:Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands

Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas Island
ALTONAM/Altona 2205720268710



Virgin Islands, US Points of Interest : Near 18.33755,-64.94859
Cowpet Auto Rental Services, Inc. is 0.363 km awayaddr_city: St. Thomasaddr_country: VIaddr_housenumber: 8103addr_postcode: 00803addr_street: Sub Base Roadname: Cowpet Auto Rental Services, rentalOther nearby points of interest:
  1. Frontera de cuba
  2. McDonald's
  3. Arturo R. Watlington Senior Post Office
  4. Saint Annes Chapel
  5. Edward Wilmoth Blyden IV Marine Terminal
  6. Pueblo
  7. Cowpet Auto Rental Services, Inc.
  8. Sea Chest
  9. Cancryn High School

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