Virgin Islands, US x,y z: 18.33926,-64.92361 m America/St_Thomas

  1. 698 Bluebeard Castle Way, Charlotte Amalie VI Area

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativeis_in_country: United Statesis_in_state: Virgin Islands of the United Statesname: Saint Thomas - Saint John Districtplace: countytype: boundarywikidata: Q20851010

8:admin_level: 8border_type: townboundary: administrativecapital: yesis_in_country: USA;U.S. Virgin Islandsis_in_country_code: VIis_in_state: U.S. Virgin Islandsis_in_state_code: VIis_in: USA, U.S. Virgin Islandsname_ar: شارلوت أماليname_az: Şarlotta Amaliyaname_be_tarask: Шарлот Амаліяname_be: Шарлота-Амаліяname_bg: Шарлот Амалиname_br: Charlotte Amaliename_de: Charlotte Amaliename_el: Σαρλότ Αμαλίname_eo: Ĉarlotamalioname_es: Carlota Amalianame_fa: شارلوت آمالیname_he: שרלוט אמאליname_ja: シャーロット・アマリーname_ka: შარლოტა-ამალიაname_ko: 샬럿아말리에name_lt: Šarlotė Amalijaname_mk: Шарлота Амалијаname_mr: शार्लट आमेलीname_nn: Charlotte Amalie på Dei amerikanske Jomfruøyanename_no: Charlotte Amaliename_ru: Шарлотта-Амалияname_sr: Шарлота Амалијаname_tr: Charlotte Amalie, ABD Virgin Adalarıname_uk: Шарлотта-Амаліяname_ur: شارلٹ ایملیname_vi: Charlotte Amalie, Quần đảo Virgin thuộc Mỹname_yo: Charlotte Amalie, Àwọn Erékùṣù Wúndíá ti Amẹ́ríkàname_zh: 夏洛特阿马利亚name: Charlotte Amalieplace: townsource: TIGER/Line® 2008 Place Shapefiles ( C9tiger_CPI: Ytiger_FUNCSTAT: Ntiger_LSAD: 43tiger_MTFCC: G4110tiger_NAME: Charlotte Amalietiger_NAMELSAD: Charlotte Amalie towntiger_PCICBSA: Ntiger_PCINECTA: Ntiger_PLACEFP: 16300tiger_PLACENS: 02414184tiger_PLCIDFP: 7816300tiger_STATEFP: 78type: boundarywikidata: Q51681wikipedia: en:Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands

Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas Island
MOROVIAN/Morovian Memorial Church Mission House 2205725492561



Virgin Islands, US Points of Interest : Near 18.33926,-64.92361
Alexander Farrelly Justice Complex is 0.447 km awayamenity: public_buildingele: 9gnis_county_name: St. Thomasgnis_feature_id: 1993336gnis_import_uuid: 57871b70-0100-4405-bb30-88b2e001a944gnis_reviewed: noname: Alexander Farrelly Justice Complexsource: USGS GeonamesOther nearby points of interest:
  1. Memorial Moravian Church
  2. Monrovian Cemetery
  3. Memorial Moravian School
  4. Alexander Farrelly Justice Complex
  5. Charlotte Amalie Waterfront
  6. Frederick Lutheran Church
  7. Danish Cemetery
  8. Central Post Office
  9. All Saints Episcopal Church
  10. Government House
  11. Virgin Islands Legislature Building
  12. Government House
  13. Frederick Lutheran Church

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