Jamaica x,y z: 18.47163,-77.91972 m America/Jamaica

  1. Creek Street, Montego Bay JM

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5:admin_level: 5boundary: administrativename: Cornwall Countytype: boundarywikidata: Q1134343

6:ISO3166_2: JM-08admin_level: 6boundary: administrativename: Saint Jamesshort_name: St. Jamessource: Existing boundary data in OSMtype: boundarywikidata: Q1421939

Down Town Montego Bay, St. James
MBJ/Montego Bay 2196971669343

Geoalias: MBJ-WICTJ


Jamaica Points of Interest : Near 18.47163,-77.91972
First Churh Open Bible is 74 metres awayaddr_city: Montego Bayaddr_housenumber: 1addr_street: Dome Streetamenity: place_of_worshipbuilding: yesname: First Churh Open Biblereligion: christiansource: KG Ground Survey 2015Other nearby points of interest:
  1. First Churh Open Bible

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