Ireland x,y z: 53.32240,-6.22010 m Europe/Dublin

  1. Wanderers F.C. Rugby Club, Dublin Co. Dublin Area

5:ISO3166_2: IE-Ladmin_level: 5boundary: administrativename_en: Leinstername_ga: Cรบige Laigheanname: Leinstertype: boundarywikidata: Q159736wikipedia: en:Leinster

6:ISO3166_2: IE-Dadmin_level: 6boundary: administrativeis_in_country: Irelandis_in_country_code: IElogainm_ref: 100002logainm_url: County Dublinname_ga: Contae รtha Cliathname_ko: ๋”๋ธ”๋ฆฐname_ru: ะ”ัƒะฑะปะธะฝname: County Dublinplace: countysource: GNStype: boundarywikidata: Q173500wikipedia: en:County Dublin

7:admin_level: 7alt_name_ga: Duibhlinnalt_name: Dublin Cityboundary: administrativename_en: Dublinname_fr: Dublinname_ga: Baile รtha Cliathname_mi: Tapurininame_pl: Dublinname_sr: ะ”ะฐะฑะปะธะฝname: Dublinplace: citytype: boundarywikidata: Q1761wikipedia: ga:Baile รtha Cliath

9:admin_level: 9alt_name: Pembroke East District Electoral Divisionboundary: administrativedate: 1901name: Pembroke East EDsource: 1901 census Indextype: boundary

10:admin_level: 10boundary: administrativelocality: townlandlogainm_ref: 57195logainm_url: Smotscourtname_ga: Cรบirt an Smotaighname: Smotscourtplace: localitytype: boundary

Dublin City, Leinster
MERRION/Merrion Road 3150848842197



Ireland Points of Interest : Near 53.32240,-6.22010
Wanderers F.C. Rugby Club is 0 metres awayaddr_street: Merrion Roadamenity: parkingname: Wanderers F.C. Rugby ClubOther nearby points of interest:

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