Virginia United States of America x,y z: 39.0481,-77.4728 80 m

Loudoun County, Virginia
SCASHB/Ashburn Elementary School

Map XML JSON POI Tags 0.452 km awayamenity: fast_foodbrand: Dunkin' Donutsbrand_wikidata: Q847743brand_wikipedia: en:Dunkin' Donutscuisine: donutname: Dunkin' Donutsopening_hours: Mo-Sa 5:00-21:00; Su 6:00-20:00phone: 571-442-8253 Areaadmin_level: 8border_type: townboundary: administrativeis_in-country: USAis_in-country_code: USis_in-iso_3166_2: US:VAis_in-state: Virginiais_in-state_code: VAis_in: USA, Virginianame: Ashburnplace: townsource: TIGER/Line® 2008 Place Shapefiles ( 44088675tiger-AWATER: 678332tiger-LSAD: 57tiger-NAME: Ashburntiger-PLACEFP: 03320tiger-PLACENS: 02584799tiger-STATEFP: 51type: boundarywikidata: Q724884wikipedia: en:Ashburn, Virginia

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