Austria x,y z: 48.21392,16.23201 240 m Europe/Vienna

  1. 7 Kolbetergasse, Vienna AT 1140
  2. 7 Kolbetergasse, Mauerbach AT 1140
  3. 7 Kolbetergasse, Politischer Bezirk Wien-Umgebung AT 1140 Area

9:admin_level: 9boundary: administrativefixme: street_name:wikipedia:de ??? could be name:wikipedia:dename_ru: ะŸะตะฝั†ะธะฝะณname_uk: ะŸะตะฝั†ั–ะฝะณname: Penzingpopulation: 89184postal_code: 1140ref_at_gkz: 91401ref: 14street_names_wikipedia: de:Liste der StraรŸennamen von Wien/Penzingtype: boundarywikidata: Q690335wikipedia: de:Penzing (Wien)

10:admin_level: 10admin_title: Katastralgemeindeboundary: administrativedesignation: Katastralgemeindename: KG Hadersdorfofficial_name: Hadersdorfofficial_status: Katastralgemeindetype: boundarywikidata: Q1567437

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Austria Geoparsing Example:(Book excerpt from Wanderings through unknown Austria by Randolph Llewellyn Hodgson)