BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada x,y z: 49.12703,-122.68826 m America/Vancouver

  1. 6852 193 STREET, Surrey BC V4N0C8
  2. 6852 6852 193 ST, Surrey BC V4N0C8
  3. 6852 193, Surrey BC V4N0C8
  4. 6852 193 St, Surrey BC V4N0C8 Area

6:admin_level: 6boundary: administrativename_en: Metro Vancouver Regional Districtname_fr: District rรฉgional du Grand Vancouvername: Metro Vancouver Regional Districtold_name: Greater Vancouver Regional District; GVRDpopulation_date: 2016population: 2643431short_name: Metro Vancouversource: DataBC TANTALIS REG_DSTRCTtype: boundarywikidata: Q1061069wikipedia: en:Metro Vancouver Regional District

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativename: Surreyofficial_name: City of Surreypopulation_date: 2016population: 517887source: City of Surrey 2011 GIS Data (ID:149)type: boundarywikidata: Q390583wikipedia: en:Surrey, British Columbia

British Columbia
UGHBYCA/Willoughby 2035610918471


Canada Points of Interest: Nearby
Katzie Elementary is 0.341 km awayamenity: schoolname: Katzie ElementaryOther nearby points of interest:
  1. Starr Park Little Librar
  2. Katzie Elementary Little Free Library
  3. Katzie Elementary

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