ONTARIO Canada x,y z: 45.3698,-75.7015 m America/Toronto

  1. 1420 73, Ottawa ON K2C 3J9
  2. Prince Of Wales Drive, Ottawa ON

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5:admin_level: 5boundary: administrativename: Eastern Ontariotype: boundarywikidata: Q3058779wikipedia: en:Eastern Ontario

6:admin_level: 6area: yesattribution: municipalityboundary: administrativecapital: yesis_in_iso_3166_2: CA-ONland_area: administrativename_mi: Otawaname: Ottawaofficial_name: City of Ottawaplace: citypopulation_date: 2016population: 934243type: boundarywebsite: https://www.ottawa.cawikidata: Q1930wikipedia: en:Ottawa

8:admin_level: 8boundary: administrativeend_date: 2001name: (Old) Ottawatype: boundary

9:admin_level: 9boundary: administrativename_fr: Riviรจrename: Riverref: 16type: boundary

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