1. 2017-03-01

    Global Coverage has expanded its coverage to all the current countries and territories of the world. Read the API docs for details.
  2. 2017-01-23


    We have added landmark geocoding and geoparsing: for example, Large Hadron Collider.
  3. 2016-12-16

    2016 Perl Advent Calendar

    Our 2016 Perl Advent Calendar article is at
  4. 2016-11-18

    OpenGeoCodes enriched dataset

    Yesterday I met Steve Coast, the founder of OpenStreetMap, who was in Ottawa to give a talk about his latest projects, among them.

    There are about 98 million open addresses on, containing a street address, latitude and longitude.

    However, it is missing information about the street address, such as city name, county, state, post code. This information is quite important for geocoding.

    To fix that, I just reverse geocoded Opengeo's latest dataset. The combined dataset may be downloaded here. (under the same licensing terms as Opengeo's data - the appended data also comes from open sources with similar licensing such as geonames, openstreetmap,, and

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This API provides worldwide forward/reverse geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsing.
Read our API docs for more.

Geoparsing and Geocoding and Batch Geocoding Examples

Forward and Reverse Geocoding
  1. Museumplein, Amsterdam
  2. 2 Colomines, Barcelona, ES
  3. Antoine Dansaertstraat, Brussels
  4. Karlsplatz, Vienna
  5. Nyhavn, Copenhagen
  6. 55.6802779000,12.5900501000
  7. B72 1JU

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